VDay Ideas for The LDR Lovebirds

Let’s just for a moment we stop talking about travelling and culinary. We might have been rich in adventures and unforgettable Bali experiences as well as had happy tummy filled with excellent foods on the island. However, it is sometimes inevitable that we still have something missing in our life. Something that makes all the butterflies in your stomach react. Oh, yes, we are talking about that significant one in your life. “Ham to your hamburger” or “sugar to your coffee”.

As we are entering the month of love and we are currently filled with a pile of love too actually, we would like to write a blog dedicated to help you who happen to have an “LDR” Valentine’s Day situation while in Bali. That is actually very, very unfortunate as Bali is way much more magical when explored with your loved one. Well, don’t lose that smile on your face yet and this is why we are here!

We would give you tips and ideas of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are in Bali and your significant other is on the different city, country or even continent!

Skype Date

Photo source via Bali Unbound

Wait, hold on. The title might sound so 2000-and-late but hear us out. Choose a space or cafe in Bali with excellent WI-FI and amazing panorama as the backdrop. It could be either the fresh paddy fields at Cafe Cinta Canggu or the romantic sunset view on the cliff at the newest Omnia Day Club Uluwatu. You might also bring your device to the beach. There are quite many cafes or restaurants by the beach that provide WI-FI, such as La Plancha Seminyak, The Lawn Canggu and Genius Cafe Sanur. Just as a kindly remember to also bring your charger and earphone for convenience.

“From Bali with Love” Postcard

With everything that is all about instant things, people might just need a little old-fashion. Sending love postcards with lovely poems and your photos in Bali on it every single day before (and/or after) Valentine’s Day could definitely be a way to express your love. You could find Balinese postcards in almost all tourist shops or even mini markets (e.g. Coco, M Mini Mart, Circle K, etc). To find the nearest post office from your location, try to type “Kantor Post Indonesia” on Google and they would automatically give you the closest one – as long as you turn on your device location setting. You could buy stamps there. Alternatively, simply ask your hotel receptionists or locals to assist you. We are all nice and friendly 🙂

Prepare an Appealing Present

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A long Seminyak road you would be finding so many cute and interesting ‘Bali-style’ clothes or accessories. Most of the shops there are local-made but with high standard and quality. Hence, they are a little bit more on the pricey side. If you are on budget, visiting Balinese traditional markets is not a bad idea at all. There, you could find so many antiques and Balinese true accessories and arts with a more friendly price if you are good at bargaining.

Next Couple Retreat Vacation

Photo source via Ombak Sunset

If you are too desperate and feel like nothing could ever pay the price of this LDR situation on Valentine’s Day, you might want to plan a makeup getaway where your significant one could join. Be it Lombok, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Gili Meno, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida or Nusa Ceningan. There is almost no spot in Bali where love is not in the air! We would highly recommend to book villa as the accommodation for a more private and intimate stay.


We love our readers so much that we want to give a bonus tip!

Photo source via Dewata News

When you and your significant one happen to be in Bali on the other days, you might want to visit Yeh Sanih Spring in Singaraja. Yeh Sanih Spring has its own uniqueness because its water is not salty although its location is close to Lovina beach. This place is known to have a myth that if a couple swim at this pool, the relationship would be long lasting. This is one of the local beliefs which is still upheld up to now.

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