3 Unforgettable Little Things to Try

There would be countless things to try and experience while in Bali. Apart from visiting its signature touristy temples and beaches, we would like to summarise three little things that make you feel as a true “Tourist Zaman Now” (read: most updated and coolest tourist). These things are not yet done by most of the typical tourists so that you could be proud of yourself and share some cool posts on your Instagram.


Bali Mandara toll road is one of the most enjoyable roads in Bali! It is the only floating toll in Indonesia and very first toll road in Bali. The surrounding view would never make you feel bored while passing this 12.7km toll road. Unlike any other highways in Indonesia, this one is open for not only cars but also motorcycles. A dedicated pathway is available for all motorcyclists. It becomes challenging when you drive a motorcycle as you have to fight against the hard wind! Don’t ever say you are a true Bali lover if you only have ever driven motorcycle in Seminyak or Kuta.


We call it ‘Nasi Jinggo’ or ‘Jinggo Rice’. You could find this dish literally everywhere. Nasi Jinggo is usually served in a small portion. You could either have and eat it on the spot or take away. In fact, most of the time, people would just choose to take away as generally the dish is served and has been wrapped in banana leaf or paper food wrap which is ready to go. The locals consider Nasi Jinggo as a good option for breakfast as it is easy, quick to buy and very affordable. Its price ranges from IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 (~USD 0.50).


Well, this one sounds easy. However, without high willingness to reach the beach, you might give up in the middle of your journey and go back to your car. The beach is amazingly beautiful and pristine. Nyang Nyang is located in Uluwatu and it has many entrances. People do not which actually the real Nyang Nyang is simply because there are so many unknown paths to get there. Wherever and whichever path you choose as your starting point, you would find the same challenge. Once you get down there, you would definitely understand why every best thing in life never comes easy.
You still do not get it? Please watch the video and see the path you must take to reach the shore.

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