Ubud Must GO

So many sources told you to go here, here, there and here. Too much information and sometimes, those places they recommended are just so 2000-and-late. Hey, youngsters and anti-mainstreamers, let us give you our top choice of places in Ubud.

Actually, the best way to experience Ubud is to stay there at least for one night. Nevertheless, if you happen to only have less than 24 hours to visit Ubud, here are places you should consider.

Kebun Bistro

A wonderful little bistro serving french provencal inspired foods and wines…. in the center of Ubud. Kebun Bistro, a charming Provencal-style bistro in downtown Ubud, offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a delightful atmosphere. They serve delicious foods with affordable prices. Its ambience would make you question whether you are in Bali or at a little place in Europe.

Ubud Traditional Market

Photo courtesy via apairandasparediy.com

No matter how many times you have visited Ubud, you still have not been to Ubud if you have not gone to this place. Ubud Traditional Market is simply the most ultimate place to go in this area. This is the best place in Ubud to buy souvenirs for your friends and family. However, there are some tips for you to keep in mind while shopping at Ubud Traditional Market. Wait, are you not really a shopper? Okay, no worries. We still have one reason why you still need to go to this place: to take photos!

Bungawalie Store

Our curiosity brought us to Bungawalie Store which is just two minutes away from Ubud Traditional Market. Unlike any other stores that just sell whatever they have, Bungawalie was born from the love for fashion and believing that fashion is more than what appears on the outside – it is about making a reflection of who we are. Trust us, you would not be able to resist to not take selfies inside their store! They also have cute and fancy stuffs which could be bought as souvenirs.

Gangga Coffee Ubud

Gangga Coffee has been known for its speciality in coffee brewing. Complementing Ubud chill atmosphere, Gangga Coffee’s ambience is perfect for you to have a relaxed conversation with your friends or simply read your favourite book. They also serve good breakfast and lunch with affordable prices. Moreover, this is definitely a solution for group tour; where the girls could shop around the neighbourhood, the guys could just wait and relax here.

Tirta Empul Temple

Photo courtesy via kintamani.id

Oldie but goodie. When other people visit Bali only to experience the ‘fun’ side of the island, we recommend you to come here and experience more of Bali. This place is Balinese water temple which is believed to be one of the sacred places in the area. Not only the locals who come here to pray but also tourists from all over the world. They bathe, pray and make wishes. Almost everyone who has ever bathed inside the pool agreed that they feel at ease afterwards.

Lazy Cat Cafe

Photo via balichronicles.com

From the photo you could already see how charming this place is. With its laid-back atmosphere, you could experience and enjoy Ubud at another level. Lazy Cat Cafe serves simple healthy and delicious dishes perfect for breakfast, brunch and even lunch. The interior would make you fall in love and take tons of photos.

Have any other cool places to visit in Ubud? Shoot us an email to let us know!

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