Traditional Balinese Massage

There are so many good spa places in Bali and most of them offer the signature Balinese massage that should not be missed when you are in Bali. It is our traditional massage which involves signature techniques, such as skin rolling, flicking and gentle stroking. Unlike Thai massage that does not use oils, Balinese massage uses different types of oils to help loosen the muscles.

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On the always crowded Sunset Road, there is a small unique spa place differing itself from its neighbours. This place blew our mind as we thought we could never find a good spa place along this huge road. Cocoon Medical Spa is a full service integrated medical clinic in Bali providing Anti-aging, Integrative and Wellness Medicines for patients of all ages. With more than half the price of the same treatment in Australia and United States, you could already be pampered with their first-class quality cosmetic and anti-aging treatments.

Just like the name ‘Cocoon Medical Spa’, their primary services are actually for cosmetic as well as detox and wellness treatments. However, due to the high demand of their loyal customers, the place now also offers luxurious massages, such as Thai, Bamboo, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Slimming massage and reflexology.

We got a chance to try their Endless Harmony Balinese Relaxing for an hour. After waiting for over 30 minutes due to the full booking, we were brought to the second level and escorted to their special room, Salt Room. Literally, the room was covered with bricks made of salt which they imported from Malaya. This room was actually not used for usual treatments. In fact, the room itself is a treatment and good for people who have asthma. People could book to sleep in this room for 30 minutes.

Salt Room

After sixty minutes being massaged and pampered with their super nice soya oil, we were served with ginger tea which was perfect for post treatments. We were also advised to leave the oil on our body for about one or two hours as it is good to moisturise our skin.

It was such a pleasant experience which we never thought we would have in this area. However, if you would prefer to experience a pampering time with an ultimate ambience, Cocoon Medical Spa in Ubud is ready to welcome you! Book an appointment now here.

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