The Fantastic La in Bali

There are numbers of cool places in Bali you should not miss. Like, literally a lot! This could be a little bit overwhelming and confusing for some of you who would travel to Bali for the first time. Not to mention some cool places in this island do have similar names. For instance is the ones that we are going to list.

Each of these fun places’ name starts with ‘La’. Hmm, probably some of you could already be guessing.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the FUN-tastic ‘La’ places in Bali you definitely do not want to miss!

La Plancha

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Yes, these signature colourful bean bags and umbrellas might often be seen on your Instagram feeds. La Plancha is a thriving cafe on Mesari Beach at Seminyak’s southern end. It serves barbecued delights and Spanish cuisines which are ready to satisfy your stomach. Their diverse beverage list is also a plus point. You can go with either international, local beers, milkshakes or juices. For beachside sip, don’t miss their typical Spanish wine punch of Sangria and signature mojitos.

One thing to note, the sunset here is always amazing and….always packed. Booking or making a reservation in advance is highly recommended.

La Finca

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Located around the busy area, North Seminyak makes La Finca get many attentions from both locals and tourists. Since they first opened, La Finca was only available for dinner. Then, four months later and up to today, they also serve lunch.

The atmosphere is dominated by woods and bamboos with Mediterranean theme which creates homey and convenience feelings. The food served is Spanish with combination of tasty and wholesome dishes prepared using fresh organic ingredients and traditional methods.

p.s. don’t skip their Hearty Salads, tapas and sangria!

La Favela

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Welcome to this fabulous forest in Seminyak! The most popular bar and amazing place to be that everyone talks about when they are in Seminyak, La Favela. Once you get right in front of this place, you could already understand why this place is unique. The bridge made of glass with hanging plants would welcome and make you curious to see more of this place.

The atmosphere inside is more like old colonial building. You could find so many antiques old stuffs, retro colours, plants grow everywhere even on the toilet. Definitely one of a kind!

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La Favela is quite peaceful during the day and turns wild at night. They serve Spanish cuisines like tapas and grilled meats. Just take a look at their adequate bar and say what you want. Sometimes they hold a theme party which is too fun to be missed.

ID card sometimes is required for most locals.

La Laguna

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Another highlight comes from Canggu where bohemian, gypsy and colourful shacks are dominating the place. You would feel as if you were in a town in a fairytale story as you could see many colourful wooden caravans and beautiful peacocks roaming around. La Laguna has different areas you could choose to lay down on the grass or sit with proper table and enjoy the view.

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The concept is more like beach club which is located in a side of Kayu Putih Beach. The main features of La Laguna is their big wooden bridge that stretches over the lagoon to the beach that is usually used as a spot for taking photos.

Tapas for sharing or salads and sandwiches sound not bad to company your cold Bintang. For cocktails, we recommend to try La Laguna Breeze cocktail.

Writer note: there has always been a rumour saying that the service in this place is quite horrible, and we actually agree with that. Do not get surprised to see how the staffs treat locals and foreign tourists differently. We received a cold welcome from the staff at the entrance as well as during taking orders which was very, very disappointing. We do hope they have improved their service.

La Sicilia

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Unlike any other places we mentioned previously, some of you may or may not know yet about this place. La Sicilia is the youngest from all. Although located near La Favela, La Sicilia offers different taste and ambience. This Spanish bar and restaurant displays a gorgeous vintage atmosphere that makes La Sicilia looks more elegant than her sisters.

La Sicilia is kind of place that is perfect for private event or a small celebration with you loved ones.


Any other thoughts about these places? We would love to hear from you! Reach us via email [email protected] 🙂

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