Tarot Readings in Bali

Everybody who has ever been to Bali would never deny the strong spiritual atmosphere in this island. BaliGo would bring you one step closer to know about Bali through something that many of you probably have never experienced it. Something about spirituality and physics. We promise that we would not talk about spooky stuffs! Instead, we would cover about tarot reading in Bali.

Tarot reading has actually been a common thing in this island of gods. Unlike with balian – like Ketut Liyer in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, tarot reading would involve more of communication between the tarot reader and you. It is more like a consultation rather than just a healing. Therefore, you could come with questions that you are dying to know the answers, whether it is about love, career, family, financial and etc. The reader would help you to interpret your situations and best solutions for you based on the cards that you choose. Remember, tarot reader would be like a third person between you and your problem. He/she would look at your issues from a neutral position, which is obviously great when your mind has been replete with too many thoughts and your own assumptions. A third person’s point of you might be all you need.

Here are some recommendations for you who are interested in experiencing a tarot reading session while in Bali.

Foxglove Tarot

Photo: courtesy of foxglove.com

Canti, the tarot reader, is a very nice person with warm personality. She would help you to bring back your positivity and good vibes in your life. With her cards, she tried to see the relations between events that have happened in your life and suggest you possible outcomes based on your unconscious mind conditions. For more information about Foxglove Tarot, please visit their website here.

Bude Novi in Ubud

Photo: courtesy of tarotbali.com

All the researches brought us to Ibu Noviana Kusumawardhani. With the magical atmosphere of Ubud, this lady could tell you about your life, fears and concerns. This would be a great opportunity for you who stay in Ubud and would like to erase all of the question marks in your life. Read more about this interesting lady on Huffington Post here. Moreover, you may also browse her website TarotBali.com

Biku Restaurant

Photo: courtesy of qraved.com

Located in Petitenget, this cozy place with English vintage atmosphere also offers you a tarot reading session available from 1 PM – 5 PM. Here, the reading is only available for guests who are having lunch or afternoon tea at Biku. Additional fee applies for the reading. Furthermore, it is very recommended to book your table as well as the reading separately in advance.

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