The Mouthwatering Stickee Bali

Stickee Bali is a petite café located at Kuta area. Here, you can find Indonesian comfort foods and snacks like nasi goreng, soto, mie tek-tek, bakso, cireng, and kue cubit. It’s quite hard to find this kind of café amongst culinary spots in Bali actually. Nasi pedas and babi guling are easy to find, but snacks like cireng and kue cubit? It’s very hard to get! Therefore, it really makes Stickee Bali stands out from others.

Kue cubit is the mainstay menu in here. Very soft and fluffy! Many flavors available like chocolate, cheese, green tea, and red velvet. We’re very fond of their “AADC” kue cubit. The cheese inside melts in your mouth perfectly with M&M chocolate on top of it. Really recommend you to try this.

Stickee Bali is a regular café for dining yet very instagenic. Place wasn’t really portrait Bali atmosphere (in fact, it feels like in Bandung) but still, it’s a fun and unique cafe to be visited in Bali.

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