Sshhtt..It is a Secret Cafe!

Nusa Dua; a beautiful region in Bali where most of the high-end luxurious five star hotels are located. If you are looking for a staycation in Bali, this area should be on the top of your head. Excellent choices of accommodations, exotic white sandy beaches, fun water sports, you could find them all in this area. Nevertheless, if you just want to visit the area to experience new atmosphere and have some coffee, hmm, Nusa Dua could be a little bit frustrating.

Although we have been residing in this area for over one year, we barely have a list of nice and chill places in Nusa Dua where you could experience good ambience, tasty foods and nice coffee. When friends ask us where to go in Nusa Dua, we always say our magic words: Secret Cafe!

This is probably our most favourite place to visit in Nusa Dua for lunch and healthy meals. Secret Cafe is located on Siligita street and the place is so humble yet homey and cosy! They write all the menus on a big blackboard and serve cappucino, sandwiches, juices, homemade cake, hydroponic salads, burgers and more. The place is really homey and guests would be directly served by the friendly owner, Indra.

On weekends, when we are too lazy to drive all the way to Seminyak or Canggu, we would rather spend hours in Secret Café with our laptop. We basically get chipper easily when we have these things: good Wi-Fi, nice ambience, great foods and drinks. Our recommended meals are their Chicken Panino and Fried Rice. For drink, you have to try their amazingly fresh and tasty Banana and Papaya juice.

You could choose whether to dine inside comfortably with air conditioner and edgy interior home decorations or sit outside with the company of Bali’s tropical warm air. Most locals might not really know about this hidden gem in Nusa Dua. However, you might get surprised to see that most of their guests are all expats.

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