Seasalt Seminyak

It was Friday night and we could not think of any better way to celebrate weekend than having a fancy dinner in a legit seafood restaurant that offers a view.  After considering all new places in Bali which seems worth to try, we decided to stop by and experience the new restaurant, Seasalt Seminyak.

The moment we stepped into the restaurant, we were greeted by the calm atmosphere of the place. A simple chic bar complete with the bartender stood close by the entrance as if it was ready to serve whoever that needed an early drink. On the other side of the restaurant, we could see their open live kitchen with all the professional cooks who seemed busy doing their magical routines to impress guests.

We knew we would have a great dining experience at Seasalt when the staff gave us a very simple question but we could not answer: “Where do you want to sit, Miss?”

We were in dilemma for almost a minute just to decide whether to sit inside or outside at the deck. The indoor seating was perfectly set to create the homey and cosy ambience and made guests felt as if they were in a stylish seaside residence. Wooden shelves, photographs and other home decorations even successfully contributed the chic and elegant touch to this area. For us, this place would absolutely be perfect to have good time with relatives over high tea or perhaps, some cocktails.

The light slowly changed and got more dim as we reached the deck area where most of the guests decided to enjoy their dinner. Once we were there, we finally understood why most guests chose the deck over the indoor area. It was simply because of the majestic ocean view beneath the starry night with the company of live acoustic performance. Actually, there was nothing that we had never seen before. However, the overall vibe of the restaurant was just so irresistible, and just like that it casted a spell on us to also sit at the deck and enjoy the beautiful night.

The dining concept of Seasalt was terrific. The restaurant, through Chef Vivian Vitalis would like to extend the experience of seafood dining and bring guests a taste directly from the sea. They told us in fact that seafood was actually not only about fish, prawns, crabs and shellfishes but also seaweeds and the sea salt itself. Now, we got it why the restaurant’s name was ‘Seasalt’.

Our dinner journey was begun with a Seasalt ritual. A staff brought a couple of sourdoughs and another tray with a pile of bluish sea salts on it. The staff then, with a little wooden hammer, cracked the pile until something appeared from the inside. It was apparently a small rillette of mackerel, butter and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed which was served as a condiment for the sourdoughs. We just loved how the butter added a rich flavour to the sourdough and melted in our mouth. So, lovely. Another unique compliment was the infused watermelon that was served with curry powder. Strangely, the taste was uniquely good and refreshing.

Amongst all of their tasty foods, one thing we did want to share and highlight was the signature White Snapper. The fish was baked in salt crush that made the meat super moist and well seasoned. This menu also came with five types of ‘seasides’, which were trio tomato salads, potato katsuobushi salad, yuzu cucumber sesame salad, green salad and dashi butter lemon sauce.

What we realised from our experience with Seasalt is that the restaurant does not just provide an ultimate coastal dining experience just like they promise. They actually do beyond that! The fresh unique food, the undisturbed ocean view, the smell of seawater, the waves sound and the cosy set-up of the restaurant. Everything about Seasalt actually allows guests to indulge all of their senses over an extraordinary and memorable culinary journey.


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