One Lazy Day at Rush Bamboo

It was a cloudy day where the sun decided to hide itself amongst the clouds. The sea breeze blew and brought the smell of the sea. It was just not like Bali, kind of day that made you did not want to do anything but relaxing and unwinding.

Luckily, we found this hidden gem in the heart of Seminyak. An amazing place which was only known by people who really know how to unwind and appreciate their time in Bali. Here, at Rush Bamboo restaurant, we let the time pass slower as we unplugged ourselves from our busy life.

Rush Bamboo is an international restaurant completed with pool and cabanas available for everyone who wants to remove all the weariness and just enjoy the day. Its location that is far from main streets makes this place surrounded by a peaceful and sound ambience. Frankly, we refused to call this place ‘restaurant’ as we could experience more than just dining. It is a place that is perfect for you to just be you, read your favourite novel, listen to your jams or even swim and sunbathe.

While we were sitting and waiting for our food, we were so very tempted to plunge our body into their pool and feel refresh. However, the nice and delicious smells from their live open kitchen somehow made us sit still and wait for the chef to finish his cooking. Once in awhile, a friendly and warm waitress came to check on us and make sure we got everything we needed. On the table, we had been served with the complimentary Focaccia bread and their signature fresh drink Ginger Lemon Grass.

The highlighted menu at Rush Bamboo is their Thai dishes. In fact, it has been proved that their Thai meals were so delicious and tasted like your grandma’s cooking.

Som Tum is like a Thai salad, consisted of green papaya, chicken, peanuts, bean, tomatoes and chilli lime dressing that made the flavours so fresh. Their Chicken Pandanas wrapped in pandan leaves turned out to be our favourite and most recommended one. The meats were so tender and juicy with rich spices. As the main course, we order the famous Pad Thai with prawns. All dishes were fresh and very satisfying.

Rush Bamboo is actually a restaurant of the Elysian Villa, a reputable resort that offers wide variety of high-end luxury villas for rent. While most of other luxurious villas in Bali make their property private to outside guests, Elysia Villa is open and ready to welcome everyone to experience their excellent chill vibes and relaxing ambience. Whether it’s a romantic breakfast, star crossed dinner for two, meeting friends for a leisurely cocktail over lunch or sunset drinks, the open air setting of Rush Bamboo is perfect for any occasion.

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