The Must Try Pizzerias in Bali

We always have a room for desserts and….pizzas. Or, is it just us?

Never say that you have experienced the best pizzas in Bali if you have not tried our top pizzerias in the island below.

Nusa Dua Pizza

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Let’s start from the south area to all the way up to the north of Bali. This little humble pizza shop is forever our go-to place when we are craving for the ‘real’ pizzas but too lazy to drive. Nusa Dua Pizza offers thin wood-fired pizzas that taste just like heaven. Our recommendation is their Four Cheeses pizzas. However, if you are not that kind of cheese person, you could try their amazing Veggie Pizza. Not into vegetables much? Oh, say no more! Their classic Margarita Pizza might change the entire pizza game in your life.

Da Maria

This chic place in Seminyak has special Late Night Pizza and Disco starting from 10 PM. After this time, the restaurant is no longer serving meals other than pizzas. Yes, just pizzas with cocktails and best DJ beats. What to order? Starting from Salami Pizzas and their cocktail No. 7. Their pizzas dough are made from natural yeast which are let rise naturally for 24 hours. This is why the dough is so fluffy and soft.

Luigi’s Hot Pizzas

Moving on to Canggu. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our newbie in the area which happens to steal our heart in our first visit. Here is the best pizza in the island, Luigi’s Hot Pizzas! This place is actually a ‘sibling’ of Da Maria. You could find the pizza texture here is similar to Da Maria’s. Just like his sister, the pizza markers were flown directly from Naples, Italy, the city where pizzas were originally from! Their ‘5 Cheese’ pizza is crazy. We love crazy and thus, you should definitely try it too.

Mamma Mia

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Imagining enjoying slices of warm pizza in the chill atmosphere of Ubud. You know a pizzeria serves good pizzas when Italians eat there. That is how you determine whether or not the restaurant is authentic. Mamma Mia offers delicious pizzas with affordable prices, plus delivery service for you who are just too lazy to get out from your cosy villas. Anything better than this?

Any other pizzerias in this island that we should not miss? Please, do let us know! 🙂

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