Mount Batur for Amateur Hikers

There was one weekend when we slept for only a couple hours during our trip to Kintamani in the midnight. We began our journey at 1 AM from Jimbaran with a hope that we could reach our destination in just two hours. None accompanied our journey at that night but a million of stars illuminating the pitch black sky. Those stars gave us a very good sign, meaning that the weather was clear and perfect for hiking to watch sunrise on the top of Mount Batur.

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Amongst several mountains in Bali, we should say that Mount Batur is the friendliest one for amateur hikers like us. Our way to the summit took around one hour and forty minutes. However, if your group is likely to do many stops and breaks during the hike, we recommend you to start earlier so that you would not miss the golden hour.

This was the very first time ever we hiked a mountain and it was kind of addicting. There were so many great new experiences that you would have. During your way up to the summit, you would not be able to completely see your surroundings as it was so dark. Nevertheless, in the next morning, you would get surprised when looking at the tiny pathway that you walked on last night which was only centimetres away from cliffs. It was exhausting and challenging to reach the summit, especially for beginners. The tempt to stop and abort your mission would always appear in your mind. This would be a practice for you to test how dedicated you are towards your goal which, in this case, is the summit.

Additionally, we would like to give you some tips that hopefully could be useful for the amateur hikers who are ready to tick one of the bucket lists.

  • Make sure you are in a good condition. Your mind, your body and your mood! It does not matter whether you have enough sleep or not before the hike. The only thing that matters is that you have to be in a great mood.
  • Do not eat huge meals before the hike. Eat normally with your usual portion and pack light sweet snacks to instantly boost your energy when needed. Have a bottle of mineral water and/or an energy drink. Just remember not to over pack your backpack.
  • Hike consistently. If you are tired, take a break for 30 seconds or 1 minute max. Make sure you keep on going and do not take too long break.
  • Bring a guide with you or else, a local who is familiar with the track.
  • Wear light clothing that could cover your arms and legs. The weather at the summit would be so cold and windy. Make sure to keep yourself warm.
  • Wear proper exercise shoes. Your shoes would get dirty covered with dirt. So, choose wisely.
  • Bring flashlight. The LED one is better.
  • Last but not least, make sure you bring portable charger. Not to text or connect to the internet and instead, to make sure you capture every best moment with your phone camera. Still, you need to concentrate and focus on the track.

Hiking is never easy and always tiring. However, we could assure you one thing. The view up there is worth it and breathtaking. There is some kind of satisfying feeling that you would not be able to describe with words when you reach the summit. Some kind of feeling like “Yes, I made it!”

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