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The fact is no one could ever resist the temptation of culinary trip in Bali. Who on earth could say ‘no’ to those cute little brunch places in Sanur or the exotic oceanfront restaurants for candle light dinner in Seminyak? Hmm, none, we guess..? The dilemma comes when at the same time you also need to maintain your summer body – well, although, basically every day is summer here in Bali.

If going to a gym has been considered as an old fashion for you, we would recommend you to exercise with a new ambience. Bali actually has various options for you to run and stay fit. There should be no excuses to not burn those fats…so that you could eat more too! Nah, just kidding.

Here are some running spots in Bali that could help you be in the mood to make a move!

Sanur Beach

Beaches in Sanur are equipped with pave paths which are intentionally designed for people to jog and run. The beaches are only located about 15 minutes away from the city and super accessible. Your track would never be boring with the ocean views on your side. The best time to run here is during sunrise or sunset. During either time, you would catch and witness an amazing golden hour.

Bukit Jimbaran

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If you are so used to live with a quote ‘life is never flat’, perhaps you need more challenging running track. The steps would be rocky and might not be convenient for those who do not friend well with natures. However, the stunning views would definitely keep you going!

Niti Mandala City Park Renon

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In the midst of busy Denpasar, there is a park which is usually crowded during weekend and in the afternoon. People come to this city park for many reasons, either for culinary purposes, picnic or exercising. Unlike any other two previous spots mentioned, the surrounding views might be different but it is surely still refreshing.

BTDC Complex Nusa Dua

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This is probably our favourite place! The complex is the home of many five-star luxurious hotels in Bali. You could also choose your running track: on the street or by the beach. The pavement has been made wide enough and comfortable for runners. Huge trees are all standby to shade and give you refreshing feeling.

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Just five minutes from the entrances, you could find Peninsula Island which is close to Waterblow. Here, the ambience would be different as you would be closer to natures.

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