The Magical Tamblingan Lake

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Enjoying sunrise by the beach must probably something that you do not want to miss while you are in Bali. There are so many beautiful beaches in this island that could dazzle you with its amazing views during sunrise. However, if you like to experience Bali’s sunrise in a new different way, you probably need to add Tamblingan Lake on your to-go list.

Tamblingan Lake is located in Buleleng regency. The area is surrounded by forests and mountains that make its weather colder than any other regions in Bali. There, you would witness a breathtaking ancient scenery with its magical mists that you could see with your bare eyes during the dawn. Try to arrive before the sunrise and do not get surprised when you see a group of people already stand by with their tripods to capture the moments. Tamblingan Lake has been a favourite place in Bali for several occasions, from casual photography, pre-wedding to camping!

After you have enough good photos and the sun has shown itself in the sky, it is time to go to other spots where you could capture the beauty of the lake from different angles. These spots could be found along the right side of the road on your way back from the Lake.

p.s. warm clothing would be necessary for this Tamblingan Lake trip!

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