Love in The Shape of Doughnuts

After having a long busy day, BaliGo decided to chill and relax a bit in Seminyak area. Thank God it was just Thursday so our journey was not accompanied by the traffic. We stopped by at a store with a doughnut sign reads ‘Dough Darlings’.

Stepping into the store, we could already feel the cozy and warm atmosphere of this place as we were not only greeted by the staff with their chef-like wear but also by the smell of freshly baked dough. There were supposed to be twelve different tempting doughnut flavours on the display. However, since we came quite late, we could not meet the complete squad of these renowned artisan doughnuts. Nevertheless, lucky us, some top picked flavours were still available, such as the Mozzarella, Oreo and Salted Caramel and each gave us different sensations!

Let’s talk about them now. The ordinary looking Mozzarella was apparently not that ordinary with its famous melting performance inside your mouth. The Oreo was not disappointing for an oreo lover like us, especially when we literally got a real whole oreo on top of our doughnut. Yes, it is something! Last but not least, the best selling Salted Caramel basically made us speechless. At first, we thought that it was going to be super sweet that could give us sugar rush. However, we were totally wrong. The taste was like … indescribable!! You need to try your own.

The name itself ‘Dough Darlings’ actually means ‘Adonan Kesayangan’ in Indonesian and we could see that each of the doughnuts was actually different in shape. This was because they were all handmade with the touch of human feelings. Well, the bakers were probably in a very good mood while serving us on that day as we really liked everything on our table.

Not all doughnut specialists could combine sweet and savoury perfectly and created this unforgettable sensation even after we left their store. It is recommended for those who are not a fan of overly sweet pastries but fancy artisan doughnuts.

Dough Darlings on Jalan Petitenget opens from 8 AM which is perfect for you who have busy trip in Bali and want to grab a quick breakfast. The love is even spread as they open a stall at Seminyak Village. OMG, writing this makes us craving to have doughnut and a cup of coffee for breakfast tomorrow!

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