A Little Capri in Seminyak

Claiming itself to be a little Capri in the heart of Seminyak, Da Maria is absolutely a perfect place for you who love spending hours in one place rather than moving around from one place to another just to enjoy different experiences. In the afternoon and evening, the restaurant looks just like an ordinary dining place but with chic Osteria styles dominated with blue and white toned interiors. The minute we entered the restaurants, we just could not help ourselves to take photos for, of course, our Instagram.

Da Maria offers a wide range of modern and authentic Italian foods, cocktails and desserts that taste incredibly amazing! Recently, the restaurant just introduced their new house made pasta program which is available everyday. Through this program, the Executive Chef Steven Skelly would like to highlight couples of classic Italian dishes that combine their house made pastas with authentic Italian ingredients. Our most favourites are their Spinach Fettuccine and Strozzapreti.

Tagliatelle Verde

We really love this spinach fettuccine! This green pasta was made with English spinach and served with pine nuts and zucchini that gave crunchiness in our mouth. The flavour was even enriched by the fermented chillies and seaweed salt.

Braised Lamb Ravioli

It took about four hours to make this delicious lamb meat before finally being filled into the ravioli. The pasta was then served with a rosemary infused butter emulsion as the sauce.


Not a big fan of lamb? Don’t worry. They have this flat wide noodle shaped pasta that was served with the slow cooked veal shin. You could taste the fresh tomatoes in the sauce which was also enhanced with parmesan and parsley.


Another favourite of ours! This uniquely hand twisted pasta was cooked and served with cherry tomatoes, king prawns and fermented chilli paste. Containing no eggs, Strozzapreti is highly recommended for vegans.

Squid Ink Fettucini

Committed to serve the best quality to your table, Da Maria specially imports the squid ink from Italy to make this black pasta.The sauce was made with clam stock butter seasoned with parsley and lemon.

Furthermore, as the night gets older and many more people come, the place turns itself into a huge dance floor with fabulous live DJ performance. Starting from 10 PM, their open kitchen usually becomes more alive as the cooks show their professional pizza making skills to complete guest orders. We were having too much fun and almost forgot time while enjoying our second portion of Salami pizzas with the company of Cocktail No. 7. The music was just so great as if it did not allow our body to stop moving!

Overall, Da Maria is absolutely a sophisticated place in Bali that you should visit and not miss. The place lets you have different fun Bali experiences from the day to midnight. We could not think of anything better than a combination of pizzas, pastas, cocktails and beats. Ti amo, Da Maria!

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