Bali Culinary Pastry School (BCPS) was born with an objective to provide industry access programs in culinary and pastry world.  We recognized the importance of every person to have an equal opportunity of pursuing specific career path in culinary and pastry fields, without investing extensive time or funds. Therefore, we are introducing our Commis Chef programs in January 4th, 2016. Bali Culinary Pastry School is under the BITDeC foundation, located in Pantai Nyanyi, Bali.

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There is a growing need for skilled-based programs in order to prepare individual with specific expertise in the Indonesia as well as in International level. By joining our school, students will have an option to learn specific industry needs skills thus they can adapt themselves easier once they work after completing the course.

Our courses have been developed by our academic affiliation, Dusit Thani College in Bangkok, with compliance to Asean Common Competency Standard for Tourism Professional (ACCSTP). Eventually, if our graduate decide to work in other Asean countries, their level of knowledge and skill will comply, therefore relevant.

Commis and Demi Chef programs will emphasize on specific knowledge and skill building, therefore our students will be able to apply into practice as soon as they commence their internship in the real industry setting.  Students will be expected to attend classes full time basis Monday to Friday, from 8.30 – 4.00 pm on daily basis for two months periods, before placement in the industry for three months.  Students will be taught theoretical knowledge as well as important practical applications that will develop their critical competencies, preparing them for real work pressure.

The Core and Professional Courses of Commis Chef & Demi Chef our Programs the topics  covered arecovering :

Core Competency
Introduction to Hospitality
English for Culinary
Principal of Communication
Food Sanitation and Work Safety
Monitoring Routine Workplace Operation
Maintain Strategies for Safe Storage of Prepare Foods

Professional Competency for Commis Chef
Kitchen Operation, Receiving and Storing
Principal of Cookery
Principal of Meat Cut
Principal of Western Cooking

Professional Competency for Demi Chef
Work Safety
Food Production Control
Introduction to Buffet Service
Coaching others in Job Skills
Western Cooking

Our curriculum in BCPS will provide specific training for students to be able to be a trainerto work in professional culinary industry in food service like restaurants and catering services as well as hotels and resorts. Graduates should qualify for entry-level opportunities including commis chef position. With experience and further training graduates, may advance to positions including chef de partie and demi chef.

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We are also offering Pastry and Bakery Program that will be delivered in 168 meetings during weekend only and 16 days acceleration program.  The sessions are grouped into two sets of course so that our students will have the flexibility to continue the second of part the course without immediate commitment.

The courses study includes product knowledge, baked products and pastries preparation skills, techniques, hygienic handling and storage of baked products and pastry, skills to prepare and weigh ingredients, skills associated with baking and finishing a range of bread and pastry products, including brownies, cookies and chocolates. Once the students complete the courses the students will have the confidence to put the knowledge and skill that they have developed into practice.

Every points of the courses that student will get at this school has been carefully thought by the professional team. In order to support the effectiveness of learning, our school are designed with international standard facilities, include 10 classrooms, 50 dormitory, auditorium (700 Pax), Executive Room (300 Pax), Joint Class Room (250 Pax), Student Union, Cafe Lab, Pastry & Bakery Lab, Kitchen Lab, Restaurant, Demo Cooking Class, Beverage Lab and Practical Lab; eventually Library and Sport Center.

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