The Hottest New Burger in Bali

One thing that travellers should not worry when they come to Bali is food. As a melting pot of people and cultures from all around the globe, Bali offers you a countless number of cuisines from many different countries. In fact, it would not be difficult to find restaurants in Bali that serve international foods which could please everyone’s taste. The challenge, however, begins when you crave to find restaurants that serve not only food on your table, but also authentic flavours with a little touch of epicness!

After successfully finding the best doughnut in the island, BaliGo rerouted its journey to find other best restaurant serving universal food, burger. We basically could name you so many burger restaurants in Bali. Nevertheless, when it comes to flavour and ingredients, our heart belongs to Nebula Artisans Burgerbar.

This cozy restaurant and bar located on the famous Poppies Lane II street serves breakfast, lunch and dinner starting from 7 AM till 10 PM. Located close by the Kuta Beach, we could feel the sea breeze once in awhile accompanying us enjoying our luscious meals. On our first visit, we had love at first bite with their Smokey Robinson. It is simply a messy manifestation of perfection consisting of a 160g beef patty with sesame bun, streaky bacon, delicious smoked cheddar, homemade pickled onion ring, umami and thousand islands. This, definitely, is a top-notch burger as it left us with an indescribable satisfying feeling!

Photo: courtesy of @nebulabali

After being amazed by the excellent taste of its burger, we decided to try another recommended item on their menu on our second visit. Yes, we came back to Nebula Artisans Burgerbar again because once was just not enough for us. That time, we ordered Lyon Sandwich. Unfortunately, we quite forget the exact whole experience with this food. All we could remember is that we had a splendid cheese moment that we lost ourselves in. It is all thanks to its Red Leicester cheese poured together with the ranch dressing on top of chicken abodo, bacon and its signature onion ring. Oh my goodness, it tasted so delicious!

Photo: courtesy of @nebulabali

Another terrific thing about Nebula Artisans Burgerbar is that they serve fresh food as they prepare all the materials in store daily using the great tasting local produce and ingredients. Moreover, its small team, under the executive Thomas Tirta, could successfully share a bursting passion for goodness in every aspect of the service. This is what makes Nebula Artisans Burgerbar distinct from any other burger restaurants in Bali. It is more than just a place for you to come, sit, eat and leave. The restaurant offers a space where people could come together, share good vibes and celebrate life over fantastic foods with, of course, the ambience of the legendary Kuta.

It is very satisfying to know a restaurant that serves only the best of the best in every detail, from the preparation inside the kitchen to the delivery of the food on the table. Kudos to Nebula Artisans Burgerbar!

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