5 Reasons You Must Experience Nyepi

Be inactive for 24 hours and feel as if you're just reborn

Photogenic Breakfast in Bali vol. 1

Make your friends jealous by having a good time

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Top 5 Accommodations for Nyepi 2018

Experience the quietest day of the year at these luxurious accommodations

Sokasi – Riverside Cooking School

Explore your cooking passion at this indescribable place

No More Queue But Vouchers!

Book your favourite restaurants via Chope app & redeem your dining voucher

Bali101: Learn Basic Balinese

Some handy Balinese phrases for you to communicate with the locals

Limited Time Offer from Booking.com

Special discount of 25 EURO (IDR 415.

Mulia Bali bringing the legendary Ibiza’s Café Mambo to the island

Your Wednesday afternoon would never be the same!