Everything Tasty in One Block

Photo: Courtesy of @silaban.molo

Hungry tummy after waiting the sunset at Seminyak Beach was answered by a group of attractive food trucks that were parking just across the Courtyard Bali Seminyak Resort. These trucks served various different kinds of foods, from finger foods, main courses, desserts to even wine and cocktails. Yeap, all best food trucks in the island were gathered in one block. However, amongst all the trucks that teased our appetite, there was one that made our evening more upbeat with its DJ performances.

As the skies got darker and the music got more exciting, there were many more crowds flowing into the area and joining this FOOD TRUCK BLOCK PARTY.

Photo: Courtesy of @laurawolfschmidt

One of the must try foods was the Beef Tacos by What The Truck. This was probably the best tacos in this island! Its juicy beef covered by fresh tomato slices and melted cheese really tasted like a tropical heaven. Moreover, as our evening could not really end without eating dessert, we decided to have the Chocolate Madness wafer with double Oreo ice creams from Flap Jacks. Yum!

In order to make purchases, guests had to buy coupons and the food prices ranged from IDR 50,000 to IDR 75,000 – which was actually affordable for a satisfying portion for one!

It really was a super chill and fun night. Thanks to Courtyard Seminyak that had held this fun and fresh event in the neighbourhood! We really looked forward for the next event!

Additionally, if you guys would like to see more about this event, check out their tag #FoodTruckBlockParty on Instagram.

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