Eat, Drink and Live at EKO Cafe

Island life is not always chill and laid-back. There would be a time when you get so busy with life and all you need is a quality time with either only yourself or your best ones. Trying to slow down the time and unplug yourself for awhile from daily routines sometimes seems to also be a necessity, even in this island of gods.

It could be difficult to find a decent cafe in Bali that offers you cosy ambience, delicious food, tasty coffee, nice surroundings and, most importantly, good vibes!

Just about seven minutes away from the always busy Canggu and Seminyak, there is one pleasurable cafe in a peaceful neighbourhood in Umalas. In this area, you could basically see paddy rice fields in between the houses and villas. EKO Cafe serves healthy and delicious foods which are made with care and the fresh ingredients. Every meal is packed full of nutrients to revitalise and energise your body.

The ambience was quite and perfect for you to find inspirations or simply read your favourite book. Your attention might only be interrupted by a cute little puppy called ‘Moca’ with her irresistible innocent face.

Your mood would even be brighter with their signature Banana Pancake which tasted incredibly amazing! The pancakes were so soft and fluffy and perfectly complemented with caramelised banana, walnuts and maple syrup. This was a total mood booster for our day!

The other menu that you should try (with your friends) is the Tropical Pancake Stack. On the plate was five layers of pancakes served with fresh tropical fruits, such as strawberry, dragon fruit, mango and banana. This dish was super gorgeous as we even did not have heart to cut and eat it.

EKO Cafe also serves fresh juices, coffee and adorable cakes. They also serve delivery to Seminyak area and surroundings.

Super and highly recommended for those who need a place with perfect vibe, surrounding and foods!

Check out their instagram here and get ready to be tempted with their pancakes!

Here is a bonus for you: Moca the puppy!

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