The Dynamic Heritage by 12 Batuan Artists

Griya Santrian is a beach resort located in Sanur and managed by Santrian Resorts & Villas. Aside from being the main sponsor and patron for the annual international event Sanur Village Festival, the resort routinely hosts many dynamic artists by bringing a representative exhibition area at Griya Art Gallery Sanur. In fact, the gallery is known to be one of the distinguished art spaces on the island.

Until 28 February, Griya Art Gallery is presenting The Dynamic Heritage – a joint exhibition by 12 Batuan painters. Batuan itself is a village in Bali which is renowned for its artwork in Balinese artistic style.

The exhibition showcases the creative achievements of twelve Batuan painters from various generations, born in the 60s until 90s era. The painters in Batuan have developed a classic style of painting which has become distinctly their own uniqueness. Since 1920s, supplemented with new materials, new techniques and divergent sources of inspiration, they eagerly explore the field of art and enthusiastically express their own innate beliefs into a secular world, visualized in their completely unique style.

If you are currently staying in Sanur area and in love with arts, it is highly recommended to visit and experience this heritage and vintage exhibition. It is open for public from 10 AM until 6 PM. You, then, could continue the day by exploring this legendary Sanur area its many nice dining places to offer.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 0361-288181.

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