Culinary Travel in Bali with Ease

With all of these travel information which could be accessed easily within seconds at anytime and anywhere, it could be too overwhelming sometimes for us. Too many resources suggesting different places to visit and try make your short Bali getaway seem impossible. Not to mention the time wasted when we get lost while finding the places. Hence, travel and tour agents become the solution for many who do not want to sweat over their itinerary.

A good news comes for all the foodies or culinary travellers who solely only aim to experience the best of the best foods and dining places on the island. Just like genie in the bottle, Good Indonesian Food would bring you to the top and highly recommended food destinations in Bali.

With its vision to make Indonesian cuisine becomes well recognised culinary in the world, Good Indonesian Food Tour offers a food culture tour that would bring tourists to the best and the finest dining experience in Bali as well as other cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta and Yogyakarta. One benefit of joining their tour is that you could discover the Indonesian culture and history from plates of foods that have been mindfully curated by editorial team & local foodies.

In Bali, Good Indonesian Food has 14 fun options for tourists to choose, from modern theme, adventurous to heritage and street food. You would also be equipped with transportations like bicycle or motorbikes. The areas they cover are also varied from up to the north of Bali. Customised tour is also available for you who have your own favourite places to visit.

If we had to choose our favourite tour package for Good Indonesian Food, hmm, we might probably pick the Ubud Heritage Food Tour. It is a five hour tour covering you a different side of Bali which fills with fresh green panorama of paddy fields and chill atmosphere.

What about you? Tell and share us your moments with Good Indonesian Food tour by tagging @BaliGoOfficial on the photos.

Happy eating, BaliGo-ers!

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