Are You Crazy Enough to Do These?

We used to think that travelling solo to Bali was a crazy YOLO thing to do – but not anymore! You are a total mental if you dare to do and experience these five most extreme activities on this island. Oh, and when we say ‘most extreme’, we really mean it.

In fact, there will be some kind of refreshing and liberating moments when you realise that YOU DID IT!

5GX Bali Reverse Bungy – Kuta

When you walk through Legian road, you would be able to see two huge standing poles which are more than ready to throw you up to the sky. This would make you literally HIGH in Bali.

Agggggggghhhhhh! This is a must do!! Didn’t think I had enough guts to do it, but I did! Scary, fun, funny! You can watch the video and see photos of your jump and you can purchase as well!! Great value for money!” – kiwi0576 from Margaret River, Australia (TripAdvisor).

Canyoning Discovery in Bali: Kalimudah Canyon

Enjoy a wet and wild adventure as you rappel through the Kalimudah canyon, brave hair-raising cliff jumps and careen down natural water slides on this full-day Bali adventure. Here, you might need to know your limits. Check out Adventure & Spirit for more.

WORTH EVERY PENNNY! First time canyoning for both myself and bf. The guides were excellent, great English speakers, young & fun! If you like a bit of adrenaline and not afraid of jumping from heights this is definitely for you. Our guides took go pro videos and photos for us the whole way and we got it all on our USB when we finished. Great end to the perfect holiday in Bali! Thank you!” – Ashleigh C (TripAdvisor).

Mount Abang Trekking – Kintamani


You might have heard a lot about Mount Batur as it is the friendlies mountain to hike for almost everyone. Nevertheless, this time, we are talking about the second highest mountain on the island – Mount Abang that stands 2,152 meters above the sea level. We should say, courage is not the sole thing you need to conquer this mountain. You need commitment, perseverance and fit body. Dare to try? Check this one out.

Blue Lagoon Cliff Jump – Nusa Ceningan

After you see the video, you might think that you are brave enough to jump from that cliff. Well, as a matter of fact, sometimes that courage slowly fades away when you are already standing at the jumping point. So, do you want to have a bet? Let’s do this!

Scary but Fun! Its like something you are scared of at the first go, but then you enjoy it once you do it. Its quite a popular spot and there are changing facilities around once you are done with the jumping fun.” – Ditty V from Ahmedabad, India (TripAdvisor).

White Water Rafting – Karangasem

We encourage you to explore the beautiful panorama and the extreme current of Telaga Waja river Karangasem, Bali. The distance covered in Bali rafting 14 km approximately 2 hours. During this ride, you would also be able to enjoy the breathtaking nature views of Bali that you have never seen before. Are you ready to get wet? Click here if you are!

Don’t forget to share your extreme experience with us by tagging @BaliGoOfficial on Instagram. We can’t wait to see! Remember, always know your limit! 🙂


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