Brunch with the Tasty Touch of Asia

Everybody who walks around and stays in Seminyak would always be able to sense the chic style and luxurious atmosphere of this area. Choosing a place to dine in Seminyak would never be easy with so many nice options to choose. Most restaurants could serve fantastic foods but not all of them could successfully offer an excellent vibe and tell a unique story at the same time. As BaliGo promises to only bring the best story in this island, we now would like to share one from this captivating restaurant in Jalan Drupadi.

Kilo communicates moments defined by hearty food, soulful music, warm conversations and unforgettable occasions. It started its first endeavour overseas in Bali in 2014 and focused primarily on Japanese menu. Kilo now has expanded its wings and grown to include Italian, Southern American, Thai and Korean with the mix of local elements. The restaurant takes inspiration from different cuisines around the world and draws on the heritage of its owners and chefs.

The atmosphere of Kilo is classic but unconventional with modern minimalist architecture. The dining area is complete with a bar section where you could watch the barista shaking bottles and preparing your drinks. The place was originally opened only for dinner but it now opens for brunch available everyday from 8 AM to 3 PM.

We had the opportunity to experience their brunch highlights and we should say that their meals and drinks are indeed excellent and palatable.

Tuna Balado Poke Bowl – tuna served with Indonesian balado sambal, lemon grass and salmon roe on top of sushi rice. This one dish was full of indescribable sensations.

Duck Tacos, this is our favourite and must order menu! The tender duck meat was served with crispy chicken skins, avocado and tasty chipotle.

Tasted Japanese, Indonesia and Balinese already, now our table was also completed with Korean flavour.

Bulgogi Rice Bowl – unlike any other bulgogi dish you have ever tried, Kilo’s bulgogi rice bowl was served with edamame, sushi rice, togarashi, sous vide egg and their bulgogi chicken.

Coconut Tembleque for dessert – chocolate cinnamon, pineapple and oat crumbs. Its sour flavour could really boost your mood.

The Signature Cocktail – High Thai

There is no best time, but now, for incredible cocktails. Not too light and not too strong, their High Thai and ‘A Sure Thing’ are definitely must try drinks at Kilo! The sweetness of their homemade vanilla infused vodka, cucumber, mint and lime of ‘A Sure Thing’ is just so perfect for a chill brunch with your favourite ones. For those who crave for stronger drink then, they should go with the High Thai with its unique combination of star anise, ginger syrup, lime Thai tea, guava juice egg white, gin and vodka.

The Signature Cocktail – A Sure Thing

Having brunch at Kilo Bali would make you feel as if you are travelling to many different places in Asia. Chef Hans, Kilo Bali’s executive chef, successfully combined the best of local touch with flavours from all different countries without leaving their authenticity.

So, what is the holdup? Begin your international culinary journey at Kilo through the link here.

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