Nalu Bowls Bali; A Bowl of Heaven

Nalu Bowls

Yeah it’s always a beautiful sunny day in Bali and all we need was something balmy for the throat. So we went to a lil shack in a small street named Drupadi, Seminyak. Because we heard pretty much about Nalu Bowls Bali, and all raised their thumbs up.
Drupadi street only fits one car, so it’s impossible for you to park urs right in front of Nalu Bowls. But it’s okay, after you get in the street, you’ll find Nalu Bowls on your left side, just go straight because around 20meters there is parking lot.

The facade of Nalu Bowls is decorated with a myriad of things that practically scream “Hawaiian”. From an “ALOHA” sign painted on a paddle board, and straws on the roof. The Nalu name itself means wave in Hawaiian language.
There were only few seats in front of the bar where the crews made those smoothies and it was full that day. So we directly asked for the best sellers, and headed upstairs to Shelter, the cafe right above Nalu Bowls.


Here it looks, Uluwatu. One of the best sellers. The mixed of dragon fruits, banana, papaya, raspberry and apple juice. Because I was very hungry i also wanted extra toppings like mangos, goji berries and strawberries. Guys, seriously it tasted so uh-ma-zing-i-can’t-help-it. It was not that sour but not too sweet plus I could hear the crunchy granola in my mouth. I only spent IDR.83.000 for that and I was full. Delicious. Healthy. Filling. Complete!

j bay

and the second best seller is Jbay for you who love the sweet things in your mouth. Made from peanut butter, honey, soy milk and banana. The taste of the peanut butter was very prominent. Still, delicious guys!!


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