Best Time to Visit Bali

Frankly speaking, there is no best time to visit this island of gods. Bali is always a good idea!

Rainy season is best spent by having staycation in the chilly Ubud. Hot season, which is most of the time, is best spent for outdoor activities, such as surfing, mountain trekking, cliff jumping and etc. If you plan for a solo travel, you might want to visit Bali during the peak season. Nevertheless, if you plan for a honeymoon or you prefer less crowded vacation, low season would be recommended for you.

January – April

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The first four months are classified as low season. Some might extend their New Year holiday until February but during these months, you could basically find so many interesting deals for air fares and accommodations. The weather would be mostly rainy and thus, extreme outdoor activities are not really recommended.

May – June

The weather would be drier and more humid compared to the previous months. Rain is unlikely to occur. Good accommodation deals are still offered and last-minute bookings are possible. Many hotels are trying to attract their market during this shoulder season. This best weather could support your outdoor activities.

July – August

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Prices could rise up to 50% during the mid year as everybody on this planet is having a break, either from school, university of even work leave. This is definitely a high season which might not be convenient to visit Bali as all touristy areas would be full of people. Not to mention beaches. Advance booking for everything is highly recommended. Kuta beach would turn into a sea of humans. The weather would be warm and a little bit windy at night.


This month would be similar to May & June; which is the shoulder season. The island would be less crowded and the weather would be lovely.

October – November 

These two might probably the best time to visit Bali with reasonable rates given that it is just before Christmas and New Year. It rains at night and partly cloudy during the day.


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This is the time for Western and European people who might have been bored of white Christmas and they want to experience a Tropical Christmas – which is actually FUN! Followed by the awesome New Year celebration along the beaches on the island. During these huge celebration, transportations (not only cars but also motorcycles) would barely move on the street. Why? Just because the streets are full of everything, literally, everything – from cars, motorcycles, people and Bintang bottles 🙂

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