Best Mexicoma Ever

“You look at me and, girl, you take me to another place.
Got me feeling like I’m flying, like I’m out of space.
Something ‘bout your body says, ‘Come and take me’
Got me begging, got me hoping that the night don’t stop”

…and then there was the voice of Gente De Zona saying ‘Bailando, bailandoo ~’

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That was just a glimpse of fun which we remember after spending our Saturday night at Motel Mexicola in Seminyak. Yeah, the song was kind of stuck in our head. We really had fun beyond words! There should be no more questions why this place never fails to steal attention from all travellers, from youngsters to elders, ladies to gents, well, basically everyone!

BaliGo would recommend you to visit this place more than once as you need to experience everything that Motel Mexicola offers, from lunch and dinner which then continues to an exciting dance and disco time. We just loved it when the place was suddenly dominated by red lights. It was just a like a sign. A sign that the night was just begun!

As we would like to secure the best spot and experience their new menus, we came pretty early that day. It might be a little difficult for you to get a table without making a reservation in advance, especially during weekends. Motel Mexicola is an authentic Mexican restaurant and bar in Bali serving freshly cooked tapas and cocktails which are prepared in a true authentic Mexican way. When BaliGo says ‘authentic’, trust us, we mean it!

Tacos Lengua de carne
Pancita Guisada

We began our Bali-Mexican journey with their signature Orange Cinnamon Tequila shot. We would’ve asked for more but we remembered it was only the opening. Few minutes later, some of their signature dishes came to our tables served by friendly staffs. There were two menus that we would like to highlight and became our favourites, which were the Pancita Guisada and Tacos Lengua de carne. The first was Mexican pork belly which was marinated with cinnamon, cumin, smoked paprika and served purslane and chopped peanuts. They made the skin so delicious and crispy without excessive fat! The latter was one of the most popular street tacos with Australian beef tongue, avocado, pickled chillies and onion. The other food that must not be missed is absolutely their nachos!


Filling our tummy already and we were ready for the drinks. BaliGo would pick two recommended drinks. First is the Macho no. 5 that gave that Mexican twist and was a bit strong and slightly bitter with citrus notes. With a hint of chocolate and strong coconut flavour, Carajillo also stole our heart. It was basically a coconut tequila, house coffee liqueur and revolver espresso to keep you awake for the night.

We really enjoyed Motel Mexicola due to its ambience, authenticity and insta-worthy spots. If you have come to this place before but thought that this place was just average, perhaps you came at a wrong time. Moreover, if you already came at different time and you still felt unsatisfied, hmm, there might be something wrong with you, my friend. Motel Mexicola is a very exciting place to go with your friends and experience a true Mexico in Bali.

We have experienced our own. Now, it is your turn to eat like a Mexican, drink like a Mexican and dance like a Mexican!

Happy Mexicoma, fellas!

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