Best Cafe in Bali

Head up to the cafe to catch up with your loved ones. Bali host many – and we mean many delicious, and unique dishes at mini cafes all over the island creations. So here’s some best cafe in Bali for you to start hopping.

1. Single Malt

single malt - best lounge in bali
For all the whiskies and cocktails fever, Single Malt Is the place! If one look at the bar shelves, one may be in awe with the sheer amount of whiskies there are in this world. Needless to say, there’s nothing like it.

2. Gingermoon

Gingermoon - Best Bali Restaurant
Ginger Moon maintains the at ease interior of a simple Asian eatery, with what could be an antiquated Hainanese coffee house or colonial Shanghai diner!

3. Crate Cafe

CRATE Cafe - Best Bali Cafe
Life is Crate! Crate café is One of the hippiest café in Bali, Crate Café deliver great coffee and brunch menu for their guests while maintaining a reasonable price. Ssstttttt… beaware of the crowd waiting in line to get seated on the café though.

4. Grocer & Grind

Grocer & Grind - Best Bali Restaurant
One of the most favourite place to have your brunch in Bali! GG is Offering great coffee and delish salad or sandwich while also pampering guests with a comfortable space. It is definitely a must-try café in the paradise island.

5. Seniman Coffee

Seniman Coffee - Best Restaurant in Bali
Located on Jl. Sriwedari, Ubud, Seniman Coffee offers a fresh roasted coffee! This place has a delicious all day menu – featuring regional Indonesian food designed with a Seniman twist, where all food can be paired with coffee !

6. The Corner House

THE CORNER HOUSE - Best Restaurant in Bali
A smart cafe in the middle of the busiest Seminyak. With 2 floors: a dining venue on the first floor, and lounge on the second floor, The Corner House is always packed with loyal partings. Be prepared for the fabs wine and champagne, and there is a swing DJ e-v-e-r-y w-e-e-k-e-n-d !

7. The Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay - Best Restaurant in Bali
One of the uniquest place you can find in Bali! With a Pirates Themed Restaurant where one can enjoy a day with delicious foods in tree houses, dessert tents, or a Pirate Ship. There are various activities you can have here, such as playgrounds and a treasure hunt (where yes, one can be a pirate) for a day is also a must try.

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