Is Bali some kind of a country or something? Is it part of Malaysia? Singapore? Thailand?

“Oh! Ah, I see. So, Bali is part of Indonee-, I am sorry. What is it again?”

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Some of you might simply think that these questions are silly. Well, they actually are. However, in fact, there are still people who would love to visit Bali but are not aware of Bali’s actual location on this planet! If you are on this group, you shall no worry as you came to the right page! In this post, BaliGo would give you very basic information about Bali especially for you who liked to skip or sleep during their geography classes.

Bali, Indonesia

In South East Asia, there is one country named ‘Indonesia’. It is actually a neighbour of Singapore and Malaysia. Indonesia is an archipelagic state and as a matter of fact, acknowledged to be the world’s largest archipelagic state by size and population. Amongst the thousands of islands Indonesia owns, there is one located a little bit in the middle and was created by gods with pure love and magic. Like you might have guessed, yes, this island is Bali.

Bali is a city in Indonesia which has the highest number of foreign tourists amongst all other cities in the country. Tourism becomes the major industry in the island that has offered so many employment opportunities that attract people not only from the other parts of Indonesia but also around the globe. This becomes a promising income for both the island and the country. Moreover, Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport is listed as the second busiest airport after Soekarno-Hatta International Airport of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

In Indonesia, we use Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) as our currency. The language dialects used are usually different in each city but we all speak Bahasa Indonesia. In Bali, people are more international and most of them speak English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean other than Bahasa Bali and Bahasa Indonesia.

Being one of the most popular destinations in the world causes Bali to have a beautiful cultural diversity that comes from various countries, nations and ethnics. Despite of being multicultural, nevertheless, Bali does not forget and lose its true and authentic identity. The locals who are mostly Hindus actively and routinely do their religious rituals daily and uphold the balance of life between the spirituality and materiality.

So, what is the most attractive thing from Bali?

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Tourists are attracted by Bali’s exotic natures. There should not be any further doubt for that. They could find everything from beaches, lakes, waterfalls to mountains. However, what makes them stay or even keep coming back to this paradise is beyond those beautiful tangible things, such as the atmosphere, the people and the cultures. It is actually difficult to really tell and describe the beauty of Bali as each of us usually has different Bali moments that made us fall in love with the island.

Nevertheless, one thing that we should remember is that Bali is only a small part of Indonesia. Could you imagine what kind of beauty the other islands in Indonesia could offer? They might be worth to explore!

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