Bali101: Nasi Jinggo

Do not say that you have ever been and lived in Bali if you do not know about this Balinese signature dish. We call it ‘Nasi Jinggo’ or ‘Jinggo Rice’. You could find this dish literally everywhere, in every block, every neighbourhood, every market and yes…everywhere.

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Nasi Jinggo is usually served in a small portion. You could either have and eat it on the spot or take away. In fact, most of the time, people would just choose to take away as generally the dish is served and has been wrapped in banana leaf or paper food wrap which is ready to go. The locals consider Nasi Jinggo as a good option for breakfast as it is easy, quick to buy and very affordable. Its price ranges from IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 (~ USD 0.50). If you are not full enough with just one portion, ordering another two or three portions would not instantly make you broke 😉

Despite of its super duper cheap price, Nasi Jinggo could still provide you with carbs and protein. It usually comes with white rice, egg, fried noodles and homemade chilli sauce. Well, not that much but at least it could give your body strength to start your day in the morning. As a matter of fact, you might at first lose heart by looking at its tiny portion but then, you would eventually get surprised to see that your tummy could feel satisfied. Nevertheless, if your appetite is higher than normal, oh well my dear, this would definitely not apply for you.

Both of its price and taste are perfect and suitable for everyone. Due to its affordability, the demand for this dish usually increases as we are reaching the end of the month while waiting for the payday. From students, workers and even BaliGo, we all love Nasi Jinggo! <3

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