Bali101: Learn Basic Balinese

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It is not rare that some people decide to have vacation in Bali and turns out they never want to come back home to their origin country. Bali is not just a place to live. Bali is THE place to live. Whether or not you are going to stay temporarily or permanently on this island, we would like to share with you some Balinese words or phrases that would be handy in everyday’s life. In fact, understanding local language could also be seen as a form of respect.

It might take years and years to really understand and be able to speak fluently in Balinese with the locals. However, if there is a will, there is always a way.

Let’s start from the very basics.

1 = Siki
2 = Kalih
3 = Tiga
4 = Papat
5 = Lima
6 = Nenem
7 = Pitu
8 = Kutus
9 = Sanga
10 = Dasa

Yes = Nggih
No = Sing

I/me = Tyang

Thank You = Matur Suksma (/mɑ-tur-suks-mæ/)
You’re Welcome = Suksma Mewali (/suks-mæ-mæ-wɑ-li/)

Good Morning = Rahajeng Semeng (/rɑ-hɑ-jəng-sə-mɛng/)
How are you? = Kenken Kabare (/kɛn-kɛn-kɑ-bɑ-rɛ/)
I’m good = Becik – Becik (/bæ-cik-bæ-cik/)

Where are you from? = Saking napi?
I am from Australia = Tyang saking Australia
Have been long living in Bali? = Sampun mekelo di Bali?
Yes, I’ve been here for 6 months = Nggih, sampun nenem(6) bulan

How much is it? = Aji kuda niki?
Can you give me lower price? = Dados kirang nggih?

Excuse me, I want to ask = Nunas lugra…tyang jagi metaken
Where is Tanah Lot located? = Ring dija genah Tanah Lot?
Where? = Dija?

Last but not least, this one word here could be used a lot on your Instagram caption while in Bali. ‘Melali‘ – which means ‘wandering’ or in Bahasa ‘jalan-jalan’.

Good luck!

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