Why Bali is A Dream Place for You to Live

Not everyone would say YES when being offered an opportunity to live and stay in Bali. Some people would not want to live in this beautiful island just because the atmosphere and the pace are too chill and slow. They have been used to live in a metropolitan city, where everything is done in a short period of time. These kind of people think that Bali is only perfect for a short getaway as well as to recharge – but not to live.

The other half on this planet, however, is dying to move and start their life in Bali. They are willing to accept any job here as long as they are able to move.

Whether you are on the former or later group, we would share with you why Bali is actually a dream place for everyone to live.


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You don’t have to travel the world to find peace and harmony. People in Bali live together religiously with respect. Balinese locals are not aiming for material things. Instead, they believe in balance of life; between the earth and heaven. One must remain balanced to find and experience the real happiness.


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Wherever you are and how remote your home city is, you would always meet others who have the same origin. It would never be difficult to make new friends here. You are unlikely to need  long time to adapt. Briefly speaking, you would never be alone here.


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Mostly, people living in Bali generally appreciate and value their quality time. They work effectively and efficiently during the office hours on weekdays and party hard on weekend. All different kinds of entertainments could be easily found in Bali. You would definitely have less stress here.


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Bali is blessed with so many wonderful and amazing natures. From the tranquil crystal blue ocean, white sandy beaches to the lush green paddy fields and high mighty mountains. There are so many things which could help you to recharge from all the busy life.


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The island of Bali is huge and has numbers of unique and exotic places which have not yet been discovered and waiting for you! You might know Bali has several great waterfalls that you might have already seen on Instagram. However, do you know that actually there are still hundreds of the unknown waterfalls on the island? If Kuta and Seminyak are where most population of Bali live, try to spend a couple of days at Menjangan or Singaraja or Amed or Tianyar.


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