Another Hidden Exotic Beaches

There are actually a countless number of beaches in Bali which are not yet discovered by many local tourists. These are the beaches where the water is still clear blue with white sands and you could see the line where the skies meet the sea. They are just too exotic to not be posted on your social media. Let your friends wonder where you are actually going for holiday: Bali or Hawaii!

Nyang-Nyang Beach

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This beach is located along the coastline of Uluwatu. Many of you might visit the different sides or areas of the beach simply because there are so many ways and entrances to this hidden heaven. However, there is one certain thing about this beach: its extreme pathway! You would need an extra energy to walk down from the uphill to the shore. It would probably take around 20 minutes to finally feel the warm sand on your feet. Don’t worry as the exoticness of this beach would sweep your exhaustion away. Well, no pain no gain, right? 😉

Melasti Beach

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Just right beside the Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali is located another hidden place which is worth to discover. You shall no worry as this beach is accessible with car and motorcycle. The road down to the beach offers you a magnificent, jaw-dropping view from your car windows. You may pull over in the middle to capture the amazing cliff just like in Pandawa Beach – but with much less crowd. If you prefer a beach with waves, Melasti Beach is surely best for you!

Geger Beach

Amongst these three exotic beaches, Geger Beach in Nusa Dua probably has the most visitors. Nevertheless, this beach is still new for many local tourists. The beach is located just next to Mulia Resort and also a good place for your morning jogging accompanied by the spectacular Bali sunrise. On the right edge of this beach, you would be able to see the mighty Geger Temple that completes the picturesque scenery with its historical and cultural touch.

Best route for #BeachTrippin to all of these secret paradises: start with Geger Beach (sunrise), Melasti Beach and all the way up to Nyang Nyang Beach.

p.s. All beaches located in Uluwatu are perfect for sunset. Meanwhile, those ones in Sanur and Nusa Dua are best for sunrise. Happy beach-tripping!

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