A Cosy Spot in Denpasar

Living in Denpasar city could be both an advantage and disadvantage. An advantage because you literally live in the city central area where you could find and go to basically everything easily. However, it is also a disadvantage because you are far enough from beaches and nice places with great views. Not to mention the traffic during peak hours.

The entertainment in Denpasar area is different from those that you could find in Kuta, Canggu and Seminyak. Here, great restaurants would offer you a cosy and homey ambience that helps you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of many nice and cosy places in Denpasar according to BaliGo is Rumahan Bistro & Creative Living.

Rumahan is more than just a restaurant. It is a dining place where you could stay and spend hours with your friends talking over delicious Indonesian cuisines and drinks. On Wednesdays, the ambience is getting even cosier with a live performance from talented singers. We were so lucky on the day we visited. The island’s renowned and our favourite singer, Ahmad ABD, performed and presented top acoustic songs that made our night great!

‘Rumahan’ itself could be interpreted as something like homey feeling or ambience that you feel when you are at home. The word ‘rumah’ means home. The foods they serve taste like home-cooking and our favourite is their Kampoeng Fried Rice. Another thing that made us stayed quite long at this place was their affordable prices.

Our favourite Kampoeng Fried Rice (aka Village Fried Rice)
Baked Rigatoni – western cuisines are also available to enrich your cravings.

As we mentioned before, Rumahan is more than just a dining place as it has also a shop area that sells edgy, colourful home decorations and furniture as well as cute little knick-knacks. You might at first have no intention to shop but your mind could change after looking around the area.

Visiting Rumahan Bistro & Creative Living could also be a strategy for you to avoid traffic after work and have a relaxing evening. To check our more, you could visit their Instagram account here.

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