5 Reasons Why Ubud is The Best

Choosing an area to stay in Bali could be a dilemma sometimes. Most people would just choose the safe options: either Seminyak or Kuta. Well obviously, they are not bad places. You could get everything you need in Bali there, from beaches, shops to the island’s top brunch restaurants and bars. However, this time, BaliGo would invite you to spend nights in the uplands of Bali, Ubud. We have five ultimate reasons of why you have to spend nights and completely experience Ubud on your next trip.

The Heart of Bali

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Yes, Ubud is the heart of Balinese culture. If you want to know and learn about Bali more than just its beautiful beaches and tempting culinary, you should stay and be a part of this environment. You would get a chance to learn Balinese history, arts, cultures as well as the people. The neighbourhood is totally different from Seminyak, Kuta and Sanur given that its area which is much less crowded. Moreover, there are many holy and sacred places located in this area, such as Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Gunung Kawi (Mount Kawi). Shortly, you would be able to experience another side of Bali, the real Bali.

Exotic Landscape

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There are not beaches in this area. Instead, there are many terraced rice paddies that would refresh your eyes. One of the most famous places for sightseeing in Ubud is Jatiluwih rice terrace which is recognised and protected by the UNESCO as one of the world’s heritages. Amazing, huh?

Soul Healing

Remember the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’? Elizabeth Gilbert chose Bali as her destination to find and learn to love herself again from a balian named Ketut Liyer. Ubud is likely to be the home of balians – or also known as Bali’s traditional medicine people. Many tourists came here and spent their time to meet a balian to seek healing for their soul, whether after experiencing a bad past or simply having a need to find balance in life. Supported by the environment, the people as well as the ambience that complement each other, Ubud is definitely a perfect place for a soul retreat.

The People

They say that Balinese people are so warm, friendly and welcoming. In fact, we admitted that it is true. Something in this society brings peacefulness and a sense of family. It is probably because most people in Ubud are artists who actively involved their life in arts, natures and still believe and uphold the balance between materiality and spirituality in life. The sincere welcome of the locals has driven many foreigners renounce their citizenships and chose Bali as their home for the rest of their life.

Epic Accommodation

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There are plenty of amazingly beautiful yet affordable villas and resorts in Ubud. Most of these accommodations would offer you the similar breathtaking nature views of rain forests and terraced rice fields. It would feel as if you reunite with the nature. Make sure to look at the sky during the night from your balcony. The stars in Ubud are never shy to greet you.

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