5 Reasons You Must Experience Nyepi

We are not exaggerating when we said that ‘Balinese’s Silence Day must be on your bucket list’. It is a one-of-a-kind celebration in the world which you could not find anywhere but here in Bali. As for as, who have experienced Nyepi for several times, we could feel the benefits of it, spiritually and physically. This year, Nyepi Day falls on 17 – 18 March 2018.

For some of you who have not known the details about Nyepi yet, we are providing some information so that you could have main ideas of it.

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Nyepi Day – or known as Silence Day – is Balinese’s Saka New Year celebration where all people who are on the island, both locals and tourists, must follow the rules and not do any activities for 24 hours. All roads would be closed. There would not be anyone or all kind of transports on the street. All activities on the island would be completely forbidden. Bali International and Domestic airport would be closed for 24 hours. People must stay inside their houses and be in silence without electricity. The locals are supposed to meditate, evaluate their life as well as clear their mind and heart before finally entering the new year.

On the day, there would be Pecalang (local security officers) who are on duty to make sure nobody is on the road and creating noises. Anyone who fails to follow the rule would be detained. We are not kidding.

Well, it might sound easy while in fact, the experience would be beyond words.

BaliGo Team lists down 5 ultimate reasons why you should experience Nyepi for, at least, once.

When you allow yourself to try and participate in the silence, you feel peace and relaxed that you might not ever feel before. It is like you try to unplug yourself from the world – which is probably most people’s main reason they visit Bali.

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A parade of Ogoh-Ogoh made by Balinese villagers would be held on a night before Nyepi, which is on 16 March. Ogoh-Ogoh normally have form of mythological beings, mostly demons, which then would be burned as a symbol of cleansing and purification from evil.

This would be a very great time to see the galaxies of stars without telescopes. Yes, you could see the sky full of stars with your bare eyes! What a perfect view to accompany you while sipping your favourite drink at the room balcony. Don’t forget your playlist too. Oh, thanks us later.

As if mother earth says ‘thank you’ for letting her breathe for a day without pollution, you could feel the daybreak welcoming you with fresh and clean air. Discover the result of Bali’s whole-day of zero emission just once a year. You would feel as if you are just reborn.


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