3 Certain Things You Could Expect from Bali

Everybody would always say YES to Bali. No matter who you are, where you are from and whatever your reason is. This island is so amazing and magical that it could always give you something beyond you expected. Everything about Bali would leave you wishing to forever stay in this tropical heaven on earth.

Here are some priceless things that you could expect and experience while in Bali.


A Greeting from The Mother Nature

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Your journey to Bali would bring you closer to the mother nature. You would see how human and nature could harmoniously and peacefully live together. When you do good, respect and treat the nature well, it would give you abundance in return.

Bali is the home of so many exotic and undiscovered natural spots. Every edge and corner of this island would show you breathtaking panoramas. From the mountains, the lush paddy fields to white sandy beaches with tranquil blue ocean, your eyes would be relaxed by this never ending magnificence of Bali.

International Standard Culinary Journey

From local to international taste, Bali has numbers of restaurants that would satisfy your tastebuds. The rule sounds like this: do not ever judge a restaurant by its appearance as you never know who cooks in their kitchen. We were once caught ourselves hungry in a late night in Nusa Dua area. We passed by a pizza restaurant that did not look legit compared to any other restaurants in this area. Since it was already late and the place seemed to be the only one close to us which was still open, so, we went there. We ordered, we tasted and we were blown away! From that very moment, that place became our go-to place for chilling and pizzas! Next, we heard that the restaurant owner used to be a chef in one of the five-star hotels in Nusa Dua.

Prosperity in Simplicity

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You would witness that one does not require galore in life to feel complete and prosperous. When you are travelling to Bali, have some time to walk around local neighbourhoods, such as in Ubud or Sanur. You could also rent a local tourguide to accompany and bring you to Balinese authentic and traditional spots.

Engaging with the locals and see how happy they are with their simple life. Balinese locals might not have everything that one usually dreams of in life as it is simply not their life purpose. Instead, it is the life balance – between spirituality and materiality – that they aim in life.

This is a priceless travel experience that would humble you 🙂

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